Graphics Programmer's Toolbox

Welcome to the Graphics Programmer's Toolbox (in short gfxtools) web site. Gfxtools is a collection of libraries useful when writing graphics applications.

I like to think of these libraries as a loosely-coupled 3D engine, but one which I can pick and choose components that I really need for each project, instead of having to use everything or nothing.

All of these libraries are copyright by me (John Tsiombikas) and released as free software (aka open source), under various free software licenses. Go to each project page to find out which are the terms of each.

Here's a short list of libraries in gfxtools for now:

librarydescriptionversion & statuscode
libvmath Math library for 3D graphics 3.0 (production) source: hg clone
libimago Image file format I/O library 2.0 (production) source: hg clone
libanim Hierarchical keyframe animation library 0.1 (development) source: hg clone
libpsys Particle system 0.1 (development) source: hg clone
goat3d 3D scene, character, and animation file format, library, and tools 0.1 (development) source: hg clone
libdrawtext Library for fast anti-aliased text rendering in OpenGL 0.1 (production) source: hg clone
metasurf A library for implict surface polygonization 0.1 (development) source: hg clone
kdtree A simple C library for working with KD-Trees 0.1 (production) source: svn co kdtree

There's also goat3dgfx, a more "traditional" 3D engine project based on most of the above.